Hypnosis is a great modality to quiet the chatter of the conscious, analytical always thinking and judging part of our brain and to gently bring forth the subconscious mind that is ready to receive new productive life-changing suggestions that are beneficial to creating the goals that you have desired. Hypnosis is beneficial for smoking cessation, stress and anxiety, weight loss, addictions of many kinds, including sugar addiction, pre-surgery and post, pre-birth and post, most any phobia, and most any bad habit that you may like to change. It can also benefit you with more self-esteem and confidence in work or in sports. The possibilities are limitless. I am amazed at how wonderful this technique is and I love seeing the results that I get using Hypnosis.  

I also record my sessions and email them to the client so they have access to listen more and re-establish the suggestions made during the session for life changing results.

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