Art of Life Facilitator Training

Art of Life Facilitator Training

Art of Life Facilitator Training


If you are the adventurous type who really enjoys the outdoors, the smell of country air and the sounds of nature, all while soaking up beautiful surroundings and you would love to paint and teach classes, then, this is the course for you!

We are looking for happy-go-lucky, free-spirited adventurers who have a willingness to get whimsy with paint, connect with nature and would love to cultivate a deeper sense of Community with like-minded sisters.

Sound like you? Then this is your baby!

If you crave:

Being whimsically creative

Painting your world colorful

Building your self-confidence

Creating a new vision for your life

Gaining the experience needed to grow personally and professionally and seriously creating the life you absolutely love…

Then, the Art of Life Facilitator Training is the right fit for you.

This training includes all materials needed to facilitate five different creative classes with a step-by-step teacher manual, sample photo of the painting, and template for each workshop.

These workshops are an opportunity for you to use a fanciful painting as a life lesson topic. Your participants will leave your classes with a beautiful self-created painting that will forever remind them of their new beliefs and commitments to themselves to live a better, more fulfilling life. You will be bringing a huge value to your participants (and yourself). Plus, you can begin hosting classes of your very own once you have fully completed this training.

At the Art of Life Facilitator Training, you will experience firsthand all the creative workshops while growing personally. You will learn how to teach and lead each workshop once you’ve completed the course. This will enable you to cultivate a creative professional life that will feel like play, freedom, and fun. All of this while helping others understand, heal and thrive in their own lives.

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